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Earn While You Learn

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Earn while you learn and improve your career prospects.

As a learner, you receive the suitable training you need to move into employment and develop work-place experience to pursue a great career and your prospects for promotion.

MITSkills will help you find apprenticeship opportunities to work on useful projects with an employer.


Apprenticeship Journey

On Programme Training

As an Apprentice, MITSkills helps you combine practical training in a job with study.

With an employer, you learn in the workplace and work alongside experienced staff gaining job-specific skills while earning a wage and other entitlements.

You will get time for any study related to your qualification (usually one day a week). We assess your learning progress through the collation of 360-degree feedback, mentorship and continual quality checking.


Mock Assessments

Apprentices are provided with mock assessment materials and guidance as early as possible to encourage preparation and planning toward a successful end point assessment.


Gateway to the EPA

We ensure you are well-informed about the end point assessment process.

MITSkills works closely with learners, employers and other training providers to ensure the delivery matches the assessment plan and that an apprentice is put forward only when they are ready for the assessment.

MITSkills is also an End Point Assessment Centre.



End-Point-Assessment (EPA)

We help you understand your role in the EPA process.

We give you clear and comprehensive information about how an EPA assessor guides an apprentice through all forms of assessment required for their apprenticeship, and we help to assure consistent quality of delivery of EPAs in partnership with the awarding body.



An apprenticeship certificate provides formal recognition that you have achieved your apprenticeship, which is a worthy recognition of your hard work.

Processing an apprentice’s certificate depends on the type of apprenticeship.

Once the assessor verifies that you have successfully completed all end point assessments, the EPAO will request a certificate on your behalf.

We will ensure you receive your certificate from the issuing authority.



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