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We work with employers and learners.

We have had over 12,500 learners in the past 10 years, with over 70% going on to further education or employment.

With a wealth of experience in 56 different sectors of industry, we can help you successfully develop your desired skills to achieve your qualifications.

Our team of learning and development experts work with you to examine all aspects of your recruitment cycle and business strategy, to create a bespoke programme of skills training and learning, reflecting your business objectives and succession plans.

We are one of the top training providers for apprenticeships in the country.


Employers & Partners

You achieve real business benefits with our apprenticeship and traineeship programmes.

We show you how to motivate and invest in your workforce, grow their talent and help them gain new skills and qualifications.

We work with employers, colleges, universities, charities and councils to provide learners and the unemployed with the skills they need, no matter the trade. 

We comply with ESFA funding rules and assist you with understanding the funding options that fits your organisation.

We have over 90% success rate.


Start Your Career Journey


A Pre-Apprenticeship is a short course which combines on-the-job practical training with assessor-guided study, giving you the employable skills needed to start an apprenticeship.


Apprenticeships combine study with practical training. We successfully provide each learner with valuable new qualifications, practical skills and employability prospects.


A traineeship is a flexible approach and differs from an apprenticeship programme, especially if you are unclear on which vocational pathway to follow.

Study Programme

We work with local schools, offering a coherent programme, to ensure you benefit from a nationally recognised work-based qualification and employers know you are competent for work-based tasks.


We work in partnership with employers, colleges, charities and councils to deliver skills to enhance lives through progression at work and training needed to expand employee competencies.

Commercial Courses

We work with a broad network of employers, colleges, universities, charities and councils to provide new cutting-edge training programmes, ensuring the highest quality in education and service.


Pre-Apprenticeship combines on-the-job practical training with assessor guided study, designed for learners who are interested in joining a trade but have not had the chance to develop their skills.

A Pre-Apprenticeship precedes an apprenticeship programme and provides foundational skills needed to help with a full apprenticeship.

You will work alongside experienced members of staff to gain job-specific skills and a vocational qualification.

We designed our programmes specifically to help you move into full apprenticeships.

Pre-apprenticeships could be a great start to a brand-new career for you in your chosen industry.


Benefits to an employer

  • Pre-Apprenticeships can increase apprenticeship enrolment and completion
  • The work-based training can help to improve the learner’s performance and improve their job prospects.


An apprenticeship is a work-based training which combines practical training in a job with an in-depth study programme.

As an apprentice you are a full-time member of staff working alongside experienced staff and gaining job-specific skills.

All apprenticeships include elements of on-the-job and off-the-job training, leading to industry recognised standards or qualifications that are specific to your career.

An apprenticeship may require an assessment at the end of the programme to assess ability and competency in the job role.


Benefits to an employer

  • Apprenticeships have been shown to significantly increase employee retention
  • Fill a skills gap that a business might have in the future
  • Apprentices are motivated and bring enthusiasm into the workforce

Get more information about apprenticeships here.


Traineeships are work experience programmes designed to help young people interested in taking the first steps into their future career before an apprenticeship.

A traineeship can develop the appropriate skills or experience needed to get an apprenticeship for those aged between 16 and 24 years old.

It takes a flexible approach allowing you to build your general work-based skills, especially if you are unclear on which vocational pathway you wish to follow or unprepared for the world of work.


Benefits to an employer

  • It is an opportunity to find future employees
  • Your staff can develop their skills in mentoring and coaching


Study Programme

These are publicly funded 16 to 19-year old study programmes, which are also relevant to 19 to 24-year olds with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

We tailor our programmes for your academic or technical qualifications as well as preparation for employment.

We design and deliver bespoke individual study programmes consistent with a set of principles from the Department for Education and support you using high-quality learning resources.

We provide a structured and motivated learning experience so that you get the best possible chance of successful completion.

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Benefits to an employer

  • Learning programmes include work experience and non-qualification activities to help learners progress to employment.
  • Learners spend time in the workplace and are focused on getting employment.


Opportunities In Many Sectors of Industry