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Professional Security Operative



The broad purpose of the occupation is to be an organisation’s first line of defence against activities that threaten the security of the UK and continuity of its organisations’ core businesses. Professional security operatives protect people, assets, property and premises via a layered security approach. This includes the need to enforce legal requirements, policies, procedures (including Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Operating Procedures) and rules to provide a safe and secure environment.

Professional security operatives monitor assigned areas to act as a deterrent, identify hostile reconnaissance, identify suspicious items, people, or vehicles and respond to alarms, incidents and emergencies. They will conduct regular and random searches and report and record information following organisational procedure. Through the performance of these duties, professional security operatives also play a key role in counter terrorism activity.

There are four pathways for this standard:

Operational security operatives

Cash and valuables in transit (CViT) operatives

Mobile security patrol operatives

Security control room operatives

Apprenticeships Available

Level 2 Professional Security Operative

Typical Duration

12 Months

Career Progression

With experience, you could become a supervisor, senior or chief security officer.

You could take further qualifications, through an advanced Security First Line Manager apprenticeship to go into security management.

With management experience you could become an area security manager, with responsibility for offices, shops or other facilities across a region.

You could specialise as a consultant, advising businesses on certain types of security, for example close protection, anti-terror measures or conflict management.

You could also set up your own security recruitment agency, or work for companies that develop and sell security systems, like biometrics or surveillance equipment.

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