Policy Documents

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16-19 Bursary Policy V7.1

Anti Fraud, Bribery, and Corruption Policy V2.6

Apprenticeship Care Leavers Bursary Declaration V3

Apprenticeship Care Leavers Bursary Policy V3.1

Carbon Reduction Plan (2022-23)

CCTV Policy

Centre and Business Continuity and Contingency Planning Policy 9.3

Charges and Fees Policy V10

Company Rules, Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct v8

Complaints Form   (Download Form)

Complaints and Feedback Policy V5.4

Covid 19 Government Policy for all learners

Data Protection GDPR and Security Policy v5.6

DBS Policy v 2.6

Drugs and Alcohol Policy V2.2

Environment and Sustainability Policy V9.4

Equality and Diversity Policy V11

Exam and Assessment Regulations 22-23

Examinations and Assessment Policy V1

Health and Safety Policy V7.1

Internal Quality Assurance and Appeals Policy V11.1 

Learner Charter V3.6

Learner Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure v6

Malpractice and Maladministration Policy V2.9

MITSkills 16-19 Bursary Form 2022-23

MITSkills Governance Board 22/23

MITSkills Governance Board Terms of Reference v6

Modern Slavery Policy V2.2

Prevent Policy and Anti Extremism V3.1

Reasonable Adjustment & Special Consideration Policy V4.9

Safeguarding Children and Protecting Vulnerable Adults Policy V9.1

Safeguarding Incident Report Form

Subcontractor Declaration (2022-23)

Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy V10

Vulnerable Bursary Form 22 to 23

Whistle Blowing Policy V3.4