Learner Support

MITSkills IAG Service

MITSkills aims to provide all learners and potential learners with information, advice and guidance that empowers them to make self-determined choices about learning and work.

Our objectives are to ensure that all learners and potential learners:

  • Receive clear, accurate, up to date, accessible, objective and impartial information before committing to a course.
  • Receive requested information and advice within seven working days of asking.
  • Can access appropriate opportunities to discuss how a proposed course meets their needs with (1) tutors or tutor organisers (2) AG or support staff in the college (3) external specialists.
  • Can access information and advice about (1) available financial help (2) learning support and/or (3) other local opportunities that might meet their needs.
  • Can access clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible, objective and impartial Advice & Guidance about progression opportunities.
  • To speak with our experienced IAG team for advice, contact us using this form or call 0845 4309009.

Useful Links


For learners using Pics E-Assessor for their online portfolio:
Click here for E-Assessor

Signposting and Career Guidance

Click here to download a list of useful websites that will help you start your career

Help Lines Partnership

If you are looking for advice on a range of subjects from Addiction to Money and Debt:
Click here to access the Helplines website

Apprentice Learner Handbook

Click here for a copy of the MITSkills Apprentice Learner Handbook

Traineeship and Study Programme Learner Handbooks

Download the policy handbooks here

16 to 19 bursary fund guide 2020 to 2021 academic year

Click here to view the updated guidance for the 16 to 19 bursary funds. Contact MIT to see if you are eligible to receive support.

Discover Your Skills and Careers

Take a 5 to 10-minute assessment to find out what job categories, and which particular job roles, might suit you. Click here to take the assessment

Explore Careers

Find out what a job involves and if it’s right for you here


‘How Are You Quiz’ is for over 18s only and designed to point you in the right direction. It’s not a medical assessment – if you’re worried about your health you should speak to a health professional. Please click here to take the assessment

Find An Apprenticeship

Please click here to find apprenticeship vacancies through the government website

Information On Becoming An Apprentice

Click here for information regarding the national apprentice minimum wage

Apprentice Oyster Card

Are you a London learner? You may be eligible for an Apprentice Oyster Card. Find out here

NUS Extra Card

NUS Apprentice extra, the discount card for UK Apprentices with loads of discounts in-store and online.
Discounts for Apprentices!

Apprenticeship Helpline

Please click here to access the government’s apprenticeship guide and helpline

Apprenticeships and Benefits Advice

Read a guide to apprenticeships and benefits if your child is doing an apprenticeship.
Read guide here

MITSkills Learner Voice Results 2019-2020

Please click here to view the results of 2019-2020 student feedback

MITSkills Equality and Diversity Calendar 2020

We value our learners and partners and promote equality and diversity. View our Equality & Diversity Calendar here

Skills Health Checker

The Skills Health Check is a set of quizzes and activities designed to help you explore your skills, interests and motivations.

Working through the Skills Health Check can help you decide what kind of jobs might be right for you.
Click here to take the assessment

Employer & Staff CPD

We support continuing professional development – Link here

Careerometer is a widget provided by the LMI for All service. It is an easy way to get access to labour market information to help you make desicions regarding your future career