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Beauty Therapist



A Beauty therapist works in one of the largest, trusted, professional and continually expanding industries within the Hair and Beauty Sector.

The work environment can be varied in size, style and ambiance, from a cruise ship, through to small bespoke salons or luxury high end beauty salons and spas.

A Beauty Therapist works independently or as part of a team supported by a manager when completing treatments as a key part of a beauty business. hey demonstrate a willingness to learn, have an enquiring and curious mind and are enthusiastic to learn about their chosen career.

Apprenticeships Available

Level 2 Beauty Therapist

Typical Duration

– 15 months

Career Progression

On completion of the course you can progress onto the Advanced Beauty Therapist Apprenticeship.

With further experience and further training you could supervise other beauty consultants or move into retail management.

You could work as a beauty brand sales representative or start your own beauty business.

Advanced Beauty Therapist



This Beauty apprenticeship is ideal for you if you are starting out in the beauty sector or if you want to get a professional qualification.

You will gain a range of skills in providing make-up services, skincare treatments, spa waxing, manicure and pedicure services. The qualification will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills for one-on-one beauty treatments as well as knowledge of products.

The broad purpose of Level 3 is to provide, design and implement bespoke treatment plans. These advanced treatments range from advanced manual therapies such as advanced massage techniques, and technical therapies such as face and body electrical treatments, to meeting and managing client needs and expectations.

Apprenticeships Available

Level 3 Advanced Beauty Therapist

Typical Duration

– 18 months

Career Progression

On completion of the course and with experience you could progress to salon manager.

You could become self-employed and get your own salon, work from home or travel to clients.

You could also move into fashion, theatre or media make-up.




There’s a growing demand for trained professionals in the Beauty and Hairdressing Industry. The hairdressing apprenticeships provide the knowledge and skills for hairdressing services for all hair types. It covers shampooing, cutting, drying, styling, colouring and perming hair for clients.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with a wide and diverse range of clients, the salon team, other associated hair and beauty professionals. They should also be able to promote themselves, their organisation, products and services using a variety of channels.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for demonstrating industry standards of professionalism, values, behaviours, communication skills, team work, retail and selling skills for clients. Completing a range of hairdressing services to create a variety of looks.

Apprenticeships Available

Level 2 Hair Professionals

Typical Duration

– 24 months

Career Progression

After completing your apprenticeship you may have the option to progress to a higher level-apprenticeship within many areas of the hair and beauty sector.

With experience you could become a senior stylist or salon manager. With further qualifications, you could also move into training or assessing student hairdressers.

You could become self-employed or open your own salon.

You may be able to use your skills as a hair professional in the theatre, film or television industry.

Nail Services



A Nail Services Technician offers a range of services for customers’/clients’ nails. They complete all duties and treatments within the scope of the occupation.

They demonstrate a willingness to learn, have an inquiring and curious mind and are enthusiastic to learn about their chosen career. In addition, they exhibit a good work ethic applied to learning, drive and commitment to learn and maintain continual professional development.

They complete nail services on a one-to-one basis with individual customers/clients within commercial timings. The occupation is fast-paced and customer focused providing a range of bespoke nail services, advice and product recommendations whilst meeting legal, industry and organisational requirements and codes of practice.

Apprenticeships Available

Level 2 Nail Services Technician

Typical Duration

12 months

Career Progression

After completing this apprenticeship programme and with experience, you could manage a salon or start your own business.

You could work with photographers, fashion designers or TV companies, preparing nails for photo shoots or fashion shows.

You could take further training to learn other beauty techniques or to teach nail art. You could move into product sales, selling nail equipment and materials to salons and nail bars.

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