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Internal Quality Assurance and Appeals
Charges and Fees 2016/17
Client and Learners Complaints
The Supply-Chain fees and charges 2013-2016
Bursary Fund Application Form
Apprentice Classroom Workplace Sign Up
Complaints Form
Environment and Sustainability Policy
Data Protection Policy

These documents are in pdf format, and can either be downloaded or filled in on-line. If you browser does not support pdf's we advice that you download the file. Once you have filled in the form, either email it or post to us at M.I.T Skills.

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Harassment and Bullying Policy

The Internal Quality Assurance and Appeals Policies

The Charges and Fees Policy 2018 to 19

The Client and Learners Complaints Policy

Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy

The Bursary Fund Policy

The Bursary Fund Application Form

The Apprentice Sign Up Paperwork

Environment and Sustainability Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Complaints Form

Prevent Policy

Safe Guarding Children and Vunerable Adults Policy

Company Rules

Equality and Diversity Policy

Data Protection Policy

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ESF Equality and Diversity Policy Action Plan


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