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Business Improvement Techniques Level 3

The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop your understanding of lean organisations and business techniques. You will understand business improvement tools, techniques and learn how to work effectively in a business team.
MIT successfully delivered this apprenticeship to the UK Engineering Factory of the Year 2015.

What are the prerequisites?

  • There are only three conditions: 16 or over, living in England, not in full-time education. Business Improvement Techniques Level 3 is designed for learners who have some basic knowledge about lean business improvement techniques and have the ability to achieve a Level 3 qualification.

The course aim?

  • To provide learners with a good high-level understanding of Business Improvement Techniques and prepare them to participate in business projects. This qualification focuses on the knowledge and the practical skills associated with leading lean business improvement. After successful completion, the learner will gain some practical experience and knowledge how to deal with some business situations.

What is this qualification?

  • This qualification is based on the Business Improvement Techniques national occupational standards. The qualification covers introduction to lean business improvement techniques such as workplace organisation, teamwork and health and safety.

Assessment criteria

  • Establish and maintain productive working relationships, using the key performance measures and communication processes available to them

  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with the following;
    • Colleagues within their own workgroup
    • Colleagues in other workgroups
    • Immediate line management
    • Those for whom they have responsibility
    • External contacts

  • Provide ideas and solutions to find ways of resolving issues that cause concern and disagreement.

  • Use all relevant information available to keep others informed about work plans or activities which affect them

  • Respond in a timely and positive way, using data and information available when others ask for help or information

How do I find out more?

  • Just contact our friendly team. Phone: 0845 430 9009 e-mail: We are here to help you. For more course information please visit the national careers service website at: National Careers Service National Careers Service!


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